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Welcome to my virtual temple. I am glad that you are here, all are welcome at this table. I am Candise, an ordained Priestess who works as a professional psychic channel, energy worker, and guide. I was ordained on the Sunshine Coast 13 years ago, initiated personally under a High Priestess in Vancouver, BC and have been trained in levels 1-3 of Healing Touch, Reiki and Medical Qigong. As an avid daily meditator, yogi and student of the Spiral Path, my inner work is to continually strive to remain in a state of alignment that I may better serve and remain in the joy vibration as often as is possible.

I do not fear the shadow and travel there to unearth, transmute and reclaim hidden power. When I am called to, it is my pleasure to assist others in their shadow dances and initiations into joy. 

Traditionally Priestesses align themselves with a specific Goddess deity, however when I was called to this path, it was the essence of Grace that I was guided to align myself with, and from there my entire path has unfolded. As a Priestess I lead ritual and ceremony, perform workshops and live my life as a dedicated prayer to the Goddess. It is my joy to hold monthly Goddess Gatherings on the New Moon and to spend much of my time writing about the Wheel of the Year, the astrological archetypes and how they influence us, the phases of the moon and the phases of woman, and of course, and how to live under Grace. I have worked with lively, sacred, joy-filled children for over fifteen years and find much fulfillment collaborating with children and introducing them to the abundant magic afoot.

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Candise Priestess of Grace has been a constant source of clarity in my life.  When I have questions about work, family or deeper questions on my worth and my life mission, I have a session with her and gain clarity, and feel grounded in my thoughts and actions again.
Card reading sessions are my favorite. I've also seen huge improvements in my mood and sleep postpartum from her energy healing work.
Candise is respectful, professional and very intuitive.
Thanks Candise!

Melanie Kassandra, 
Chatham Ontario

Candise has a way of bringing to light what you didn't know you needed to think about. Unexpected, but so right. And when the insight comes forward, it's so clear that it always leads to growth. She herself sometimes seems somewhat surprised to articulate it, because it's often a bit outside the context of what I asked, but right in the heart of what's really in need of alignment. And it's all done in a humble spirit of coaxing source forward in the world. She's deeply gifted, and years of knowing her has only convinced me of this more fully.

Jon Shanahan,
London, UK

Candise, Priestess of Grace, is the only living Oracle that I trust for Source inspired wisdom and psychic connection. As soon as I am in need of reliable, divine, and cosmic assistance, I automatically turn to her. I trust all of her readings and am so grateful for all of her writings. Her deep connection to Source flows through her and touches me at a soul level. Her devotion to her higher purpose is clear through all of her offerings and I highly recommend her, and all of her services. To connect with Candise is to connect to the mystery, and she shines a bright light for all to see their way through the dark.

Bliss Prema,
Victoria BC

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"Do as you will, but harm no one.
What you give will be returned to you  threefold."

Alice Hoffman

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