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A Self Ritual for the Solar Eclipse Crone Moon

You can read in depth about the energy of this day and night to better align with this ritual here:

Gather around you an object to represent the four elements: fire (candle, flower, wand), air (feather, sword/knife, images of birds), water (chalice, sea shells, pictures of the moon or ocean), earth (crystals, soil, pictures of the earth), you can use any item that represents each element or even a silk of each of the colours of each element.

Place each object in the direction that it rules, I practice North: Earth, East: Fire, South: Water, West : Air.

In the centre place an object to honour the Goddess/God/Creator and a lit candle, and pot or a bowl of water

Have a piece of paper and a pen and a seed, rock, or crystal and a shawl that you can wrap yourself in.

Chose a space that is sacred or special to you, open outdoor space is always sacred, depending on the weather you may chose a spot in your home where your altar is or right by your bed.

Open the circle by asking for each element to come and to bless and protect your circle (turn to each direction as calling it in), this can be as simple or as elaborate as you may desire you can say something like:

I call on the Spirit Guardians of the North, great Earth energy, ancestors, wisdom of the deep and buried rocks, crystals, minerals and bones, the four-legged creatures, please be with me and bless this circle.

I call on the Spirit Guardians of the East, great Fire energy, spirits, passion, zest and wildness, salamanders and dragon power please be with me and illuminate my inner knowing and bless this circle.

I call on the Spirit Guardians of the South, great Water energy, the womb of the Mother, oceans, rivers, lakes and streams, dolphin, mermaid and fish, surrender and grace, please be with me, guide me and bless this circle.

I call on the Spirit Guardians of the West, great Air energy, inspiration, inner knowing, faith and fun, the winged creatures, the angels and the fae, please be with me, inform me and bless this circle.

I call on the Spirit Guardians of the Centre, the As Above, So Below mysteries, the Goddess/God as One archetype, please be with me and utilize this circle for Your holy magnification and glory.

Sit in the centre of the circle now and take a moment to breath and ground down into your body, throw a grounding cord into the molten lava core of the Earth and breathe Her fecund energy up into your body, feel it filling you as it rises from your feet all the way to the top of your head and into the ethers. With this line of energy flowing begin to breathe down the energy from above, the stars, the moon, the galaxies, the higher power energies, feel it descending into the crown chakra and flowing down through your head, over your chest, down your arms, your torso, your legs and right into the earth. Now your Chord of Light is fully activated and pulsating the As Above So Below energies.

Invite the wisdom of the moon and of your ancestors to guide you and sit with the energy of the moon and the eclipse, feel its energy pulsating and scan each of your chakras, see where the energy flows and where it feels cloudy or stuck, each chakra will speak to you about where you are this night.

Root: security and safety, connection to tribe.

Sacral: pleasure, creativity, sensuality.

Solar Plexus: power, energy, confidence

Heart: love, compassion, peace

Throat: communication, connection, empowerment

Third Eye: intuition, vision, inner knowing

Crown: connection to Source, angels, higher realm

Take note in your journal about how each of these energetic centres feels and then begin to contemplate how these centres correspond to your relationship to your faith, your sense of Oneness with the whole of humanity, your voice, your power and your connection to others.

Record who you were at the beginning of the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis, this began at the end of May of 2020 and the eclipses began in June of 2020, you might have clear memories about what you were doing or what life was like for you at this time: the pandemic had just begun a few months before, in a lot of areas restrictive measures were loosening for the first time since the pandemic began, protests were erupting, humanity was grappling with what was a sane response to the covid-19 pandemic and the facts of racism had come to the surface in a way that was unignorable as the media was flooded with images and information being guided by black voices and police brutality. How these world events affected you, how you coped with them or what you thought you could do about them may come to the surface. It may be easier to remember what was going on in your personal life at that time and how you felt in your life circumstances. Where was your faith? How were you using your voice, or what were you learning about the power of your voice? What was your role in the community? You can remember your job at the time, your children and their age, your romantic relationship, whatever is able to help you to conjure a felt memory about who you were.

As you take some time to reflect upon where you were and who you were at the beginning of the past 18 months, take note of any themes that reoccur that do not serve you. Themes of fear, lack of faith, desolation, pride, overbearingness, escapism, gossip, flightiness or any other personal challenges. Give space to each theme that comes up and sit with it, feel the fear, lack of faith, etc. that comes up, feel where it sits and how it alters your energy, ask yourself if you are ready to release and surrender this lower way of being to the Creator with the aid of the Crone Moon and the solar eclipse. If you are, on a separate sheet of paper write down each aspect that you are ready to release and be done with as this portal of the Gem/Sag axis prepares to close.

Once you have written these themes down, tear the page out and hold it up to the dark moon, call upon her, you might say:

"Oh dark and wise one,

Crone moon of destruction and release,

I call on you now and ask for your sacred liberation."

When you are ready either burn the paper or tear it up and put it in your bowl of water. If you burn it allow the ashes to fall into the pot that you have with you.

With the release of these old ways of being feel yourself becoming lighter.

Grab your rock, crystal or seed and hold it in your left palm, close your eyes and call upon the moon once more:

"Great wise, dark moon,

thank you for taking this weight from me,

I sit in your void, in your dark, in your mystery and trust you with my all."

Sit and allow any messages, sensations, or inspirations to arise, if you feel called to you may choose to write these out, or you may simply sit and download them into your being.

Once you feel complete you will close your circle by releasing the directions, this is even quicker than calling them in. Turn to each direction briefly and give your thanks for their support and invite them to stay if they can and send them with blessings if they must go.

Grab your ashes or water and if they are safely extinguished, offer the ashes/water to the earth or a plant, knowing that what has been released will be transmuted through the earth back into Source energy. Bow down to the Earth as it receives this weight from you.

Place your seed/rock/crystal upon an altar or a sacred space and take it down at any time to mediate with, when the moon begins waxing sit with your object under the moon and infuse it with all of the aspects that you have cultivated in the past 18 months that you wish to grow and expand upon: faith, resilience, power, confidence, radiance, dependability, empowerment, etc. and when the moon is then full plant this seed, rock, crystal into a pot of dirt to be dug up on the Spring Equinox and used in a rebirthing ceremony or simple prayer.

Grace Be With You,

Candise, Priestess of Grace

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