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Blood Moon Eclipse Preparations

On November 18/19 we will be experiencing a sample of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse energies that will lead us through 2022 and into 2023 as the nodes prepare to shift from the current Gemini/Sagittarius axis that has been teaching us through 2020 and this year.

The deep soulful lessons of the Gemini/Sagittarius nodes will come to a shining accomplished state on December 4th during the final eclipse in Sagittarius. During this time we will be able to reflect upon how our actions within our community have been upgraded, how the use of our voice as a means to bring awareness and action has been activated, how our philosophies about life and how it is lived has been illuminated and how we have committed to creating transparency and higher ideals for our sisters and brothers in our immediate community and throughout the world to be held in. Take note of what this past 18 months has awakened within you as you prepare to step into the deeply transformative Taurus/Scorpio axis in the coming year.

Taurus North Node, Scorpio South Node will teach the collective about the importance of grounding, material security, healthy foundations, it will revolutionize how we approach and handle money, our views around prosperity and reveal the areas that we have sought to keep clothed in a veil of secrecy. This will be a time to claim our pleasure, our abundance, to create beauty and in order to do this we will be invited to face the shadows within where our financial, sexual, physical and material woundings lie.

Friday's blood moon partial eclipse is our initiation into the soulful assignments to come in the upcoming year. Anyone with a Tarus North Node will find that this is their season, these next 18 months beginning on December 22, 2021, will be the season where their soul is most at home and upgrades and activations flow easily through their avatar. Those of us with a strong Taurus or Scorpio placement in our charts will find that these particular areas are called to mature, refine and transform into a higher version of the energy that has already been programmed. Everyone has Taurus and Scorpio somewhere in their chart, in a planet or a house, everyone will be called to grow their souls under the Taurus/Scorpio themes in the coming year.

November 18/19 is the initiation, it is time to prepare to face our shadow in a deeper, more surrendered way than we have already been doing during this Scorpio season of deep diving. Gaia will step between the mysterious Scorpio sun and the exalted Taurus moon, casting her maternal blanketed shadow upon the moon and tasking us to pause from basking in the luxuriating Taurus moon to reflect upon our relationships with our body, the body of the Earth, pleasure, sensuality, abundance, beauty and comfort. Whatever has been disowned and discarded into the shadow of our psyche will come to the surface with an opportunity to transmute the discarded leaden wounds back into alchemized power and love. This is how we prepare to usher in the call for beauty, abundance, pleasure and comfort for the whole of humanity, the focus in the upcoming year, by first claiming, reframing and transmuting our own shadow within.

These next days are here for our preparation, to prepare the body, heart, mind and spirit to go even deeper into the shadow. To prepare, we are invited to focus and love the first and second chakras, to pause from intense financial decisions, to beautify our sanctuary and to take extra time and space for self-care.

As we honour ourselves, we honour the whole. As we prepare to heal these wounds within, we prepare to heal these wounds without.

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without, and so it is.

Grace Be With You,

Candise, Priestess of Grace

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