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Final Eclipse

The eclipse portal closes this week during the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse, on the 3/4 depending on the time zone. This ends an 18-month nodal cycle that has been teaching us individually and collectively since June of 2020.

The nodes that have been teaching us are in Gemini/Sagittarius, we have been upgrading our Gemini themed lessons while being supported by Sagittarius, we have also had to steer clear of the Sagittarian collective shadow, as Sag is sitting in the South Node and therefore meant to support but not lead us.

The nodes that influence us are lunar nodes and therefore we are being taught through our intuitive, emotive, energetic body, these lessons are not intellectual, they are felt, soulful lessons.

This week it will be helpful to reflect upon everything that has occurred in our personal lives and everything that has happened in our reality since June of 2020.

A quick recap:

  • In June of 2020 the pandemic raged, in some area's lockdowns were ending, whereas in many areas, such as long-term care homes the pandemic was ravaging the residents.

  • Low-income, minority neighbourhoods were vastly unrepresented in pandemic care and this issue began to come to the forefront of awareness as the UN human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet said that the pandemic was exposing "endemic inequalities."

  • India's death toll surged.

  • Unemployment rates surged.

  • Protests erupted in the streets in response to the murder of George Floyd and the global network of Black Lives Matters took centre stage as each of us was compelled to level up our accountability and to magnify marginalized voices.

  • Ahmaud Arbery was murdered, further highlighting the fact that racism is still thriving, fueling continued protests and louder voices.

  • Rayshard Brooks was shot dead, furthering the protests against police brutality.

  • Real consideration was beginning to be given to defunding the police

  • Black Lives Matters protests spread worldwide.

  • The big mask debate began as mask mandates began to be a topic of discussion.

  • A ban was ignored in Hong Kong as people gathered to mark the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

  • Danny Masterson was charged with rape.

  • Locusts swarmed Delhi

  • The 50th anniversary of the Gay Pride Parade was recognized globally.

These are but a highlight of the events that occurred as Gemini moved into the North Node position, there are clear themes and strengths that began the Gemini North Node portal. This week is a time to reflect upon how each of us reacted to these events and what we have learnt from this month onwards.

Some reflective questions to consider are:

  • How do I use my voice now, compared to how I used it prior to June of 2020?

  • In what ways has social awareness become a topic of importance in my life?

  • How do I now view my relationship to my community and in what ways do I take accountability for my role within it?

  • What have I learnt through the pandemic?

  • How has my social circle changed or evolved?

  • What am I doing to participate in anti-racist work?

  • How do I magnify the voices of marginalized groups through my work and in my days?

  • Where am I creating change in my community?

As we reflect, we prepare to refine, all that we have been grown into over these past 18 months will stay with us as a gift to the collective whole of humanity. Sagittarius gave us faith to step forward into the light and Gemini insisted we not ignore what was happening in our own backyards another moment longer. Faith and Accountability will refine themselves within each one of us under the final eclipse in the Gem/Sag axis if we are willing to do the good, hard work and from this portal shall we all return a stronger, bolder, more loving and inclusive people than ever before.

Grace Be With You,

Priestess of Grace,

Candise Soaring Butterfly

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