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Summer Solstice, Aries Moon...

The summer solstice occurs during a waning moon in Aries this year.

When moons are in their waning phase, we are encouraged to take stock of our inner and outer lives, to become aware of what is no longer in alignment with our most authentic self and life.

Aries is a trailblazer, Aries blasts forward at the speed of light and will utilize a waning moon to take stock at a rapid speed.

During the Summer Solstice, when we are gifted with the longest period of light in one day that we will receive this year, we are also encouraged to reflect upon what it is that we are ready to purge. The fires of illumination that the sun offers and the extended light that is here gives us an opportunity to shed light upon that which has been hidden or repressed. Unlike the autumn month's when we have a three-and-a-half-month cycle to dig deep and unearth what is in our shadow, ready for transmutation, this is a quick and instantaneous burning away that occurs.

The summer month's ahead are months of balancing work and rest, play and purpose, tending to and being tended, this day reflects the balance of the season ahead by asking us to first work and then to celebrate.

The Aries moon aids the sun in the intensity of the work available to us today, with a brave soul and a commitment to step into the fires of transfiguration we are invited to utilize the energy and the power of today to be freed from anything that is holding us back from the purpose, goals, creations and life that we have birthed into existence in the spring months. We will walk forward into the summer months with a purified, clarified and streamlined experience that supports and feeds the life that we have birthed for this annual cycle.

Once we have faced what was once hidden, once we have purged and transfigured, then we will dance, sing, play and take part of the fruits of our labour from the past spring months, tasting of their blossomed essence and encouraging their further growth under the warmth of the nurturing sun.

May the light of today bless you all.

In grace,


Priestess of Grace

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